Industrial Gases

Industrial gases are used in virtually every branch of industry, commerce, science and research for a wide variety of purposes. Given the huge application spectrum, the needs of industrial gas users vary dramatically in terms of volume, purity, composition and delivery modes.

Liquid Nitrogen

It is delivered to our customers by cryogenic tankers, into onsite storage, for use in high-volume customer applications. It is stored as a cryogenic liquid in a vacuum-insulated vessel which can provide several days' supply and be used on demand as either a liquid or gas.


Cryogenics technology using liquid nitrogen and CO 2 has been built into nightclub effect systems to create a chilling effect and white fog that can be illuminated with colored lights. Cryogenic cooling is used to cool the tool tip at the time of machining in manufacturing process. It increases the tool life.

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Company Profile

With a liquid CO2 capacity of three tonnes an hour, the Linde-engineered plant went on stream in 1983. Linde Gas Srbija was born in 2005, a few years after Linde signed a contract for a new liquid CO2 plant with an hourly capacity of ten tonnes. Linde became the majority owner of Linde Gas Srbija by purchasing shares in the company.


In concrete terms, this means reducing the environmental impact – and emissions in particular – of a growing number of road vehicles. At Linde, we have the process technologies and high-tech solutions to help all of these industry sectors to meet their specific challenges.

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The offshore business is heavily regulated and driven primarily by safety concerns. We provide the full range of welding and cutting solutions to meet the most sophisticated engineering demands and rigorous quality standards. Our materials innovations extend from high-strength steels for liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage tanks, for instance, to special anti-corrosion coatings that extend the ...

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Water and Wastewater Treatment | Linde (former AGA

With over 30 years of experience in the field of water treatment and wastewater treatment, we have been working together with plant operators worldwide to overcome critical challenges such as pH control, permanent and seasonal capacity increases, odour control and micro-pollutants management.


Linde’s industrial and specialty gases, expert services and state-of-the-art equipment help chemical companies lower costs, improve productivity and meet environmental goals

Transportation | Linde (former AGA) Industrial Gases

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Construction | Linde (former AGA) Industrial Gases

Cutting and welding gases and equipment. Coating products - acetylene and propylene for the thermal spraying of engineering and structural parts. Propane for heating on construction sites. In the construction industry, there are two classical applications of liquid nitrogen (LIN) supported by AGA: Cooling concrete. Freezing soil

Cutting & Welding Gases | Linde (former AGA) Industrial Gases

In all welding processes, the shielding and process gases, their exact compositions and their purity levels play a key role in influencing weld quality and productivity. Oxygen, nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide are standard or bulk gases that are used in process and manufacturing industry today.

grindingcryogenic grinding s

Cryogenic Grinding | Linde US Industrial Gases. According to the All India Plastics Manufacturers' Association (AIPMA), the Indian plastics industry grows at an annual rate of 12-15 per cent. Manufacturers are increasingly focusing on customizing products in accordance with end-user needs.

Cooling of Concrete | Linde (former AGA) Industrial Gases

The cooling of the concrete after setting produces tensile stresses within the concrete structure which may result in the formation of cracks. Solution cooling with liquid nitrogen has proved to be an effective and cheap method. One particular advantage is that coolant costs are generated only if cooling is really needed.

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Singapore News

Linde Gases, a division of The Linde Group, today announced its partnership with US company, Pulsair® Systems, in Bellevue, Washington state, to enable industries employing mixing and blending systems in the production of liquid products to manage the vital liquid circulation process significantly more efficiently and effectively.

Reactor cooling

For the generation of very low temperatures (below -40°C), cryogenic nitrogen is often the cooling medium of choice. This is not only due to the high cooling power and high flexibility of this liquid, but also to the fact that it offers lower investment costs than conventional cooling machines. CUMULUS ® fluid temperature control (FTC).

Hydrogen Energy

Industrial Gases US. ... this product/service was divested to Messer and retained by Linde as a condition to complete the Linde and Praxair merger. ... We have been ...

Ground Freezing

Under certain conditions, ground freezing with liquid nitrogen is the best solution compared to conventional soil treatment methods. Customer Benefits During the last two decades soil freezing with liquid nitrogen (LIN) has developed from an exotic gas application with lots of uncertainties into a standard procedure for treating unstable soil ...

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From fully automated laser welding systems for industrial-scale plants to manual welding solutions for car repair shops, our experts will find the perfect fit for your needs. We back up our extensive, innovative welding and cutting portfolio with a wide service offering.

Freezing & Cooling | Linde (former AGA) Industrial Gases

Many industrial production processes require rapid cooling and freezing capabilities. Liquid nitrogen (LIN) and carbon dioxide (CO 2) are extremely effective cooling agents due to the low boiling point of LIN (-196°C) and the low sublimation point of CO 2 (-78.5°C). Liquid carbon dioxide converts to solid carbon dioxide snow at –79ºC.

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Medical gases

in the United States and Canada. Innovative technology Air Products is well known for its applied R&D and has a number of patents for innovations in industrial and medical gases. Examples include our TELALERT® telemetry tank sys-tem, high-efficiency supply system for hyperbaric chambers, and addi-tional reliability options for hospitals


Nitrogen | Linde US Industrial Gases ... article

Reactor Cooling

Cost effective nitrogen used for cooling can be reused in the inert gas net and result in keeping operating costs to a minimum. At Linde, we offer a range of services that include; consulting services from initial concept through to final technical specification, demonstrations and test runs on site.