Performance of Stud Clusters in Precast Bridge Decks

Performance of Stud Clusters in Precast Bridge Decks. A new design approach to clustered stud shear connection in composite bridges with precast decks is required to accommodate highly concentrated shear force in small area.

Experimental Investigation of a Slip in High-Performance

8/29/2019 · The headed stud shear connectors are usually used to resist longitudinal slip and vertical separation between the steel beam and concrete slab. In general practice, construction of steel-concrete composite girder bridge, I-shaped steel beams, or a small steel box girder flange of the steel beam structure are used [8,9]. Compared with I-shaped ...

Ultimate shear strength | Article about ultimate shear

Find out information about ultimate shear strength. ... in frames with a single stud. ... Performance of stud clusters in precast bridge decks/Inkaru grupes ...

Design Considerations

SlenderWall delivers the precast industry’s only 100% thermal-break plus air-barrier panel connection system. This proprietary connection, ThermaGuard, is a series of stainless-steel fasteners anchored to the steel stud frame that create an air gap between the precast concrete panel and the frame, reducing thermal transfer by as much as 25%.

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Solutions with Sika Systems Shear Strengthening

Shear Strengthening with CarboShear L ® Shear Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Beams Bridge, Switzerland Shear and flexural strengthening of columns and beams with Sika ® CarboShear L ® and Sika ®CarboDur CFRP plates Increase of Shear Strength of Reinforced Concrete Columns for Seismic Upgrading Office building, Taiwan Warehouse Structure

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Effect of Shear Stud Clusters in Composite Girder Bridge

Effect of Shear Stud Clusters in Composite Girder Bridge Design Article in Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering 42(4):150218143603005 · February 2015 with 33 Reads How we measure 'reads'

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STR-923-2 element to the speed and durability of the modular bridge system (Burak & Seraderian, 2010). Specifically, the study aims to quantify the fatigue performance of stud shear connectors in precast decks compared to CIP decks.

Composite construction

Force is transferred between the two materials by friction and, where needed, discrete mechanical connectors, including shear studs that may be attached to an embedded steel section. With all forms of composite construction it is important for the designer not to forget the construction stage. Assuming that there is no temporary propping, the ...


typically take advantage of monolithic construction to ensure adequate performance (i.e. near full composite action) and hence they cannot be easily disassembled and reused at the end of the service life of the structure. Furthermore, the demolition of monolithic concrete-steel composite floors in which the shear studs have been

Full-Depth, Precast Concrete Bridge Deck Panel

Shear connectors clustered in groups can be used and should be made to match the shear pocket locations of the precast panels. 2. Experimental investigation (NCHRP 12-65) has shown that the stud cluster spacing can be extended up to 4 ft (1.2 m), without affecting the full composite behavior of the system, if confinement for the stud group and ...

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In order to accommodate new design trends of steel-concrete composite bridges with prefabricated concrete decks, large studs up to 31.8 mm diameter were experimentally investigated and availability of the current design provisions for stud shear connectors was verified based on the test results (Badie et al.

Vibration based performance assessment of concrete

(2006). Performance of headed shear studs clusters for precast concrete bridge decks." Paper preparedfor presentation at the Bridgesfor the 2Ft century (B) session of the 2006 annual conference of the Transportation Association of Canada. (2003).

Design of Various Shear Connectors for Repair of Corroded

However, the success of the repair centers around the performance of the shear connectors. In addition to headed studs, threaded bars and UHPC dowels in perforated web were evaluated experimentally as alternative shear-transfer mechanisms. This paper presents the repair design objectives and considerations for a realistic girder end utilizing ...

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Interface shear resistance of clustered shear connectors

Considering the relatively high strength mortar in the bearing zone of the shear connection this paper deals with structural performance of stud clusters to simplify the connection details.


these clusters. Reducing the simplifies panel fabrication and constructability. This paper describes large- and small-scale fatigue tests constructed with steel beams and precast concrete deck panels. The shear stud configurations on the large-scale tests range from a more typical detail with studs spaced every

The Static and Fatigue Behaviour of Through-Bolt

The Static and Fatigue Behaviour of Through-Bolt Shear Connectors in Steel-Precast Composite Bridge Girders by Kyle Daniel Balkos A thesis presented to the University of Waterloo in fulfilment of the thesis requirement for the

Strength and Fatigue Resistance of Clustered Shear Stud

(1) The static test results suggest current AASHTO shear stud-strength design provisions are unconservative. However, this is balanced by fatigue test results suggesting current AASHTO shear stud-fatigue provisions are probably too conservative, which explains why there have not been widespread in-service performance problems.

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Experimental investigation of connection details for

Confined shear studs provided best performance among connection types considered. • All connection types exceeded the predicted capacity using the shear-friction theory. • Design example highlights shear stud clusters for precast bridge construction.

ABC-UTC Guide for: Full-Depth Precast Concrete (FDPC) Deck Panels

for shear pockets in most of the panels, although some of shear pocket will be required for type the overhang panels. Because of the elimination of the shear pockets, the designer has flexibility with placement of shear studs, so this detail can be used for situations where a large number of shear studs are required.

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Pure Shear Performance of Steel

Pure Shear Performance of Steel- Concrete Interfaces with Stud Shear Connectors of Diverse Geometric and Embedding Conditions Ali Al-Adhami Graduate Student, Department of Structural Engineering, Al-Nahrain University ...

Shear Performance of Horizontal Joints in Short Precast

To investigate the shear performance of horizontal joints for short precast columns with sleeve grouted connections, and explore the conditions under which shear failure occurs along the joint, two short cast-in-situ concrete columns and two short precast concrete columns were tested under cyclic horizontal loading.

Large Shear Studs for Composite Action in Steel Bridge

In addition for shear connection in precast deck bridges, material properties of filling material and bedding height must also be considered for the evaluation of structural performance of stud ...